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Release Notes

Most Recent Release

Voyager Search is happy to announce the release of our latest version of Vose and updates to Voyager Server. This release includes: 

Server 2.3

Improvements to Saved Searches and Short-Links functionality: 

  • “Create Short-Link” action for any Navigo Search Results page 
  • Ability to create Short-Links for non-admin users 
  • Fix for an issue that was causing Short-Links to load the Navigo Homepage instead of Saved Search results page  

The following updates were made to handle non-English characters*: 

  • Improvements to extraction of non-English characters from excel files
  • Added ability to run Solr query searches on non-English characters 

The following updates were made to Navigo’s Community Extension: 

  • Fix for an issue that was preventing Flagging, Tagging and bulk Field Editing in the Flex Index
  • Fix for an issue that removed spatial information when tags were added to indexed documents

Other improvements include: 

  • Removed ArcMap Add-In from the Server installer and made available as a separate download through the Customer Portal, in addition to the ArcGIS Pro Add-In (which can also be downloaded through the ArcGIS Marketplace)
  • Reconfiguration of Server’s use of the ArcGIS license to no longer checkout Extensions on the license

Other fixes include: 

  • Improved WGS84 basemap display on the Search Results page 
  • Fix for Export Results List processing task that was failing due to special characters in the names of Cart results 
  • Issue with BBox and geometries not getting extracted from SHP files 
  • Issue with incorrect version numbers being displayed on the Manage UI
  • Fix for Geotagging not working as expected against the local gazetteer 

Vose 1.3 (HQ 1.3 and Agent 1.3) 

Updates to temporary file cleanup include: 

  • Fix for the ArcGIS Extractor that was preventing clean up of image files
  • Fix for the Office Extractor that was preventing cleanup of excel files 

Updates to Agent Groups include: 

  • UI for adding, viewing, and editing agent groups
  • UI for selecting Agent Groups when creating a new repository
  • UI for viewing Agent Group indexing status 

Updates to OCR (Optical Character Recognition) includes:

  • Fix for an issue with loading tesseract worker that blocked OCR workflows 
  • Ability to specify extractors when configuring OCR settings 
  • New configuration to identify files that were previously OCR’d and a setting to exclude those from being re-OCR’d

Updates to Geotagging include: 

  • Fix for an issue where spatial extents of geotagged EXIF files were being populated incorrectly
  • Updated gazetteer URL for the GeoTag Standard configuration

Other fixes to HQ include:  

  • A bug that prevented the S3 connector from indexing content from sub-folders
  • Issues adding SQL repositories for table schemas
  • Repositories failing to save when custom format settings are configured
  • Fixes for memory leaks and reduced indexing performance
  • GDAL Extractor errors when extracting Landsat8 TIFF files
  • Increased load time for the HQ UI 
  • Bug that caused HTTP client authentication to fail when configured for web map services 

Other Improvements to HQ include: 

  • Feature indexing option for repository configurations
  • Ability to search for files based on format extensions 
  • Ability to clone a repository location 
  • Ability for users to configure a specific date for scheduled tasks to run 
  • User-friendly warning on Python pages when the necessary plugins are not installed or available 
  • Usability improvements to the Solr and custom Twitter connector 

* Arabic, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Basque, Persian, Finnish, French, Irish, Galician, Hindi, Hungarian, Armenian, Indonesian, Italian, Latvian, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai  and Turkish.

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