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Understanding Vose

Our newest product, Vose, includes three new elements: HQ, Indexing Agents and the Flex Index. They do represent the building blocks of a highly scalable indexing solution that can be activated in concert with Voyager Server.  The full implementation of Vose is designed to handle datasets with billions of records.

In Vose, Indexing Agents, are managed by HQ, which makes sure that indexing is being done in the most efficient way possible. Agents are easily added, so the indexing system can grow alongside expanding datasets. The right mix of Agents and Repositories can result in much higher indexing performance. The basic functions of a standalone Voyager Server instance have not changed:

This video explains how HQ functions and how it differs from Voyager Server.

Voyager Server

A standalone Voyager Server instance has the following functions:

  • Discovery
  • Indexing
  • Displaying Search Results
  • Processing/Enrichment
  • Analytics

These can be visualized as shown below:

The Index and Search results are displayed in Navigo. Voyager Server also manages Security and provides Processing and Analytics capabilities.


Vose includes HQ, Indexing Agents and the Flex Index. When Vose is enabled along with Voyager Server, Discovery and Indexing functions have moved from Voyager Server to Voyager HQ. The diagram below illustrates the first (Beta) implementation of Vose along with Voyager Server. 


  • Vose requires the presence of Voyager Server to display Search results and provide Processing, Analytics and Management.
  • Voyager Server does not require the presence of any of the Vose elements.



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