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Voyager Analytics

Voyager's Analytics Extension allows you to visualize your data in a variety of ways, such as the distribution of data types by location or the distribution of indexing errors over time. There are numerous templates for creating graphic representations of the Analytics results. Apart from distribution of data attributes, Analytics can also show how users have interacted with your data, including viewing, downloading or liking/disliking.

Analytics can use the entire Index for analysis, or can focus on the results of a specific saved search to get more detailed results. The results can also easily be shared with other users. 

Before you can access Analytics, make sure that:

  • You are currently logged in to a running instance of Voyager
  • The Analytics Extension is enabled
  • Analytics have been enabled by an Administrator
  • You have the View Analytics permission

Enabling Analytics

To enable Analytics:

  1. Go to Manage Voyager > Settings > Analytics

  2. Click Edit under Voyager Analytics
  3. Check Enable Tracking 
  4. Click Save

Using Analytics

  • To start Voyager Analytics, click the arrow next to your user name in Voyager Search and select Open Analytics from the drop-down menu 

  • To switch from Analytics back to Voyager Navigo, click the drop-down menu next to your user name and select Navigo Search

  • To switch to Voyager's Management Console, select Manage Voyager from the menu
  • Use the Dashboards and Graphics tabs at the top of the Analytics window to quickly switch between the Graphics Library and Dashboards.


Dashboards are where you create and manage the results of your analyses (charts). You can create public or private dashboards. 

Creating a New Dashboard

To create a new Dashboard:

  1. Click New Dashboard on the Dashboards tab

  2. Enter a Name and Description
  3. Click Save

Voyager will open an empty dashboard. The next step is to add a graphic, a configurable visualization of your data.

Sharing Dashboards

Dashboards can be private or can be shared with all users.  By default, Dashboards are private.

To share a Dashboard:

  1. Click the Share icon on the Dashboards page

  2. Select Allow View to make the Dashboard viewable
  3. Select Allow Edit to allow others to Edit the Dashboard

  4. Click Save

NOTE: All Graphics on a shared Dashboard will be shared as well, even if they were originally created as private.


Creating Graphics

Currently, Voyager Analytics supports several types of Chart. You can create new charts or add a chart from the Graphics Library.

To create a new Chart:

  1. Click Add Your First Item or the Add Graphic drop-down list at the top right
  2. Select Create new Chart

See Creating Charts for more information on creating and editing the different Chart types.

Adding Graphics from the Library

To view the Graphics Library, click the Graphics tab at the top of the window.  


To add a Graphic to your Dashboard:

  1. Click a Graphic to select it


  2. Click OK to add it to your Dashboard

Sharing Graphics

To share a Graphic:

  1. Click the Share icon at the bottom of the Graphic on the Graphics tab

  2. Select Allow View and/or Allow Edit to allow others to see or edit the Graphic

  3. Click Save



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