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What is Vose and Why is it Important?

Vose is Voyager's new, comprehensive solution for searching and indexing data.   

Vose is consists of:

  • HQ, a central control panel application for managing Discovery and Indexing
  • Distributed Indexing Agents controlled by HQ. Agents can send their results either to the existing embedded index or to the new Flex Index, described below.
  • The Flex Index, based on SolrCloud, comes with built-in fail-over and load-balancing. In the Flex Index, data is organized into multiple logical pieces, or shards, that can be hosted on multiple machines. The coordinated and distributed nature of the Flex Index makes it possible to use massive data sets.

In addition, Vose has enhanced some of the features found in Voyager Server and introduces Smart Search capabilities:

  • The set of Connectors is expanded and highly extensible
  • Working with Pipelines is streamlined and more intuitive, making it easier to enrich your data by adding tags, geotagging, normalizing metadata and more
  • Entity Extraction and NLP (Natural Language Processing) are used to pull out key terms that can group related items in taxonomies and filters 
  • Query Expansion broadens returns on your search so you don't miss anything in your query. For example, if you enter the term "river," documents with the word "stream" will also be returned.
  • Find Similar looks for documents with text and concepts that are similar to another document. This is helpful in if multiple versions of the same document exist.


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